A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

You are a temporary bartender of the only local bar in town. Meet the numerous residents of this small town and witness their unique stories. Running the bar, you will see your customers at their best and their worst.

Experience a bar story with grounded characters and harsh realities.

Made for Resist Jam. Made with Ren'Py.

-Concept & Design-

Chris House, David Song, Jeffrey Hsu, Jonathan Bo, Sarah Wahoff, Yi Zhu


Jeffrey Hsu, David Song, Yi Zhu

-Art & Visual Design-

Chris House

-Music & Sound-

David Song, Sarah Wahoff

-Story & Writing-

Yi Zhu, Jonathan Bo


BarStory-1.2-pc.zip (168 MB)
BarStory-1.2-android.apk (175 MB)
BarStory-1.2-mac.zip (153 MB)


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wheres the pussy and the fighting?